What’s the best sex shop in Melbourne?

What's the best sex shop in Melbourne?

Are you a British guy currently on a working holiday visa in Melbourne?

If yes, you obviously will get horny from time to time by yourself or maybe you have a hot Australian girlfriend and would like to try some kinky stuff in bed. Either way, visiting a sex shop in Melbourne is a great way to turn your fantasies into reality.

Things to consider when looking for a sex shop in Melbourne

sex shops in melbourne

One important thing to consider when looking for Melbourne’s best sex shops, Is that there is no simple answer to this. Many type of people like many different adult shops.

For example, some men love to go to adult stores in Melbourne’s red light district, near King street where all the strip clubs are located, but often these shops might seem a bit seedy to others, as they have adult cinemas, peep shows, and sometimes sex clubs with glory holes in the walls… this might not be your cup of tea, but for someone else, it is an instant turn on because it is very naughty and kind of forbidden by modern society.

If you are like me, you probably prefer looking for sex shops in Melbourne that have more of a classy feel. They are just more fun to shop in, usually the staff members are more friendly and provide better customer service. In my experience, even the products are better because they are more expensive, and that means they are made of better materials that are safe for your body.

Let’s explore these type of classy shops in the next paragraph.

Where are the classy sex shops in Melbourne?

classy sex shops in Melbourne

Last week my friend who is currently working in Australia for 1 year, asked me can he find the classy sex shops in Melbourne. From my experience, if modern adult shops with a touch of class if what you are looking for, then stay away from the shops in the suburbs, usually near milk bars or fish and chip shops.

These shops are usually quite old and seedy, with bad lighting and grumpy shop attendants. Although they do stock the latest high-tech vibrators and sex toys, bringing your classy girlfriend in this type of adult shop in Melbourne might turn her off…

I would also recommend to avoid the shops for adults near train stations in the city, usually they are quite low quality as well. I don’t know why so many shop owners don’t put any extra effort in making their customer feel nice while they are shopping for adult toys and vibrators?

It’s quite an intimate thing to do, and everyone should feel comfortable while doing so.

So if you are looking for the best sex shops in Melbourne, I would suggest to walk around the hip and popular areas of the city.

Fitzroy is a hip artist area full of cool independent designer shops, coffee shops, and more. There are adult stores in this area that are quite hip and cool, with funky decorations and exposed brick walls, and tons of great adult toys to choose from.

I also had a good experience finding nice adult stores in Brunswick.

And last but not least, Richmond has one of the most upmarket sexy shops, if you are looking for gold plated vibrators and super fancy lingerie costing up to $1000 a piece. But hey, apparently, the more you pay, the sexier you feel!


There are a lot of sex shops in Melbourne for all tastes.

It’s a great city where everybody can explore their sexuality without being judged, and there is also a lot of gay friendly adult stores, and welcoming for transgender as well.

If you are looking for strip clubs, they also have many classy clubs on King street with beautiful ladies.

Please note that brothels are legal in the city so if you have some extra cash you can treat yourself to a relaxing night with a beautiful Australian lady.

There are also many escort services that you can find online if you look for them on google, are all of them are safe and legit.

Thanks for reading my blog post about the best adult shops in Melbourne!