Coco de Mer shop in London

Coco de mer is one of the best sex shops in London

Do you want to spice up your sex life?

Let me give you tip: Visiting a sex shop for adults in London not only can make you improve your sex life (whether you are single or in a couple), it can also be a lot of fun as a weekend activity, as you can unexpectedly find many products that will turn you on, and other products that will me you laugh.

I visited the Coco de Mer adult shop in London (UK) and wanted to share my experience with you. Let’s get started!

Coco de Mer is a sex shop for adults in London

I bet you saw this sex shop in London many times but maybe never dared to go inside: Coco de Mer.

This shop for adults is definitely NOT your typical sex toy store. The lady who owns it is the daughter of the Body Shop founder, so they have tons of experience in the retail industry.

Coco de Mer is a sex shop that has been doing business for many years now, and it has become a London institution when it comes to sex toys, vibrators, luxury lingerie and bondage items. This sex toy shop is so popular that many celebrities have been caught browsing in their for kinky adult products…

They focus on high end luxury products, so yes the price tags are quite high but the more you pay, the sexier you will feel right?

They even stock the world’s most expensive vibrator not only in London… but the most expensive in the world! They sell it for 12 000 pounds!

I’ll include their contact information and location on the map below,  just for those who prefer to go straight to the point without reading my full review.

For more info, please visit their website at this link: Coco de Mer.

My experience in this adult shop in London

Coco de mer is the best adult shop in London

As soon as you walk in this sex shop you will like you just entered some fancy medieval castle.

I was expecting a small adult shop with bad lighting… and I realised it’s a really fancy shop with millions of dollars invested in the decor and ambiance.

Personally I love shopping for intimate items in a clean and classy environment, so I absolutely loves the decoration. London is a classy city and the sex toy shops should be classy too!

They have many beautiful lingerie items, and lots of very kinky, a little bit ‘dark’ bondage items, but all with a classy touch.

The sales rep were super nice and polite, offering the same type of service that I would expect in the most high-end shops of London like Chanel, Prada etc…They definitely don’t judge customers by their appearance (hey most millionaires walk around town in their old baggy jeans haha…).

I was mostly there to look at the shop setup and decor, I didn’t need to buy any vibrators since I got 5 at home already.

I’ll had a great experience in the Coco de Mer sex store and will definitely come again soon.

Coco de Mer is the classiest sex shop in London

Coco de Mer is the best adult shop I visited in London

It’s classy and magical, with a unique ambiance that you can’t find anywhere else, and the items that they stock are of super high quality. This sex shop is the proof that shopping for kinky items doesn’t have to happen in shady basement shops near peepshow booths… we can all celebrate and explore our sexuality and open shop at beautiful stores like Coco de Mer to enhances our sex life and live happy.

Thanks for reading my review of the Club X adult store in Brisbane. I suggest that you visit this weekend and see what the fuss is all about!

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