Sexting in relationships is more common now than ever before. And though sexting can be an excellent addition to romantic relationships, for some, it is a morally grey area of cheating. Below are some ways to use sexting to enhance your relationship and ensure you are sexting safely.

How to initiate sexting: Have the Talk

As much fun as sexting is, not everyone likes to sext. Before sending your partner something explicit, talk to them about whether or not they are open to the idea. This is crucial to initiate sexting with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or even husband. Would your partner find it enticing to see something illicit before a work meeting? Or, would they find it reckless and a bit annoying? Picking the proper time and place for sending a naked selfie can make a world of difference. People have a large spectrum of reactions to sexts, and several things will influence whether or not you have a positive experience sexting together.

You should also discuss what kind of sexting appeals to both of you most. Your partner may want to receive pictures, but you might prefer to receive text only. Not everything has to be exactly reciprocal in order for it to be fun. Do what you’re comfortable with and don’t hesitate to dip your toes in before going further. In the beginning, you might start with milder texts, but after you’re more comfortable, you may be into full-on video striptease sessions. A considerate partner will understand that your tastes and moods change, and they will sext you accordingly.

Set Up Boundaries with your boyfriend or girlfriend

The lines between fantasy and infidelity are blurring with the latest technology. And, many people have very different ideas of what cheating looks like. To some, even the fantasy of being with another person is a form of mental cheating. For others, anything but in-person, penetrative sex doesn’t count. The most secure relationships talk to each other about whether or not it’s okay to sext other people during the relationship. Perhaps you only want to sext each other, or maybe it’s okay to sext someone you don’t know and never plan to meet. Knowing what your partner is comfortable with is crucial to keeping your relationship protected. Don’t risk a healthy relationship for the thrill of sexting with a stranger. I found a lot of good tips on how to initiate sexting at this link.

Consider Experimenting while sexting with your girlfriend or boyfriend

If your partner is interested in exploring, you could try a virtual threesome by exchanging sexts with someone on the internet. Sexting together with someone on the internet is not only physically safe, but it can be emotionally safer, as well. The interaction is safe from sexually transmitted infections and pregnancies, and better yet, virtual threesomes can also lessen the jealousy factor. Afterward, neither of you ever have to see your third partner again, which can alleviate the worry of anyone catching feelings.

Pick a Platform to initiate sexting

If you’re going to send each other sexts, make sure you do it on a platform that will respect your privacy. This is an important part of learning how to initiate sexting with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Texts usually work, but if you’re using your phone to project something for a business meeting, you may have to establish times of day when sexts are forbidden. Platforms like Zoom and Facebook don’t allow nudity, so keep that in mind so that you aren’t accidentally kicked off.

Also, if you’re sexting with someone you don’t know, the platform you use to meet them matters. You need to be absolutely one hundred percent sure that you aren’t sexting someone underage. Unless you’re willing to find a way to check their ID yourself (which isn’t an incredibly sexy way to start a sexting conversation), you’ll need to find a site that does the checking for you. Once you’ve made sure to protect your relationship and your privacy, you’ll be ready for an exciting, fulfilling sexting adventure.